Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sad news

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  My little blog has been not so active lately.  Life seems to fly by so quick and change so quickly. I don't usually "open up" on my blog.  I figure that people pop by to see my art work and not listen to my life in detail but today I just feel I need to "spill my guts" so to speak.

We have had a couple of extremely hard weeks.  My dear father in law passed away last week.  Even tho he was quite elderly nothing really prepares you for it.  I always seem to think your parents will be here for ever, never really think to far in the future and it kind of happened like a bolt out of the blue!  It was very sudden and but peaceful for him.  My poor husband has had so many arrangements to make so life has just wizzed by and to be honest I have completely forgotten what day of the week it even is.  So needless to say the children havent really had the best of holidays. 

Just to make me a total emotional wreck, my best friend in the whole wide world (you know, the one that has seen you at your worst but loves you anyway) well she and her family are moving over to England to live for the next 3 years.  Her husband is taking up a new job in missionary work for a company called OM (Operation Mobilisation). So I really feel like my heart has been split in two.  Such an emotionally charged week and I know that it will take a little while for my heart to heal again. 

But I'm am blessed - there are far more people in the world worse off than me.  That has been bought home to me with a huge thud this week.  I'm sure that local people that stop by my blog heard about poor baby Nate.  For those that don't here is a quick run down.  Nate was your average beautiful little 8 month old boy, the love of his parents life.  He was sleeping peacefully in his crib.  In the early hours of Friday morning a car has come ploughing through their fence and has crashed into little Nate's bedroom killing him.  The driver was reportedly drunk.  My heat aches for this precious family.  How they are going to carry on now, I will never know.  And not just this family but the family of the driver involved.  She was a 35 year old woman.  I dont know if she has children but I would of thought at the age of 35 there is a high chance that she does.  This has now totally destroyed her life and her family too.  No winners at all out of the whole situation.  We have a very strong community base here and they are all rallying around this family to support them now.  Kinda puts a lot of things into perspective doesnt it?

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad.  I do have faith and yes my faith falters from time to time but God shows me His greatness and His graciousness in little ways that I don't always see.

Just before we lost our dad last week, I was working on this layout.  I hardly EVER scrap pics of me.  Its ALWAYS the kids, but I really wanted to scrap these pics of my baptism.  Why now did I feel the need to scrap them?  They have been sitting around for years waiting for me to scrap them.  I was baptised nearly 15 years ago.  The urge to scrap them was so strong.  I recon it was God's way of preparing me for what was about to come.  His way of reminding me that through Him all things are possible.  Yeah I know that alot of people would say "what a crock" but that is my truth and I am holding fast to it.

Anyway here is the layout that I completed.

Sorry it was such a long post. Thanks for popping by if your still here!  Will be back tomorrow with a new sketch for Feeling Sketchy.



  1. I am so sorry Joey, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are right all things are possible with God and our faith in God helps us to get through the hard times.
    I can understand how you feel about your friend moving. My daughter's best friend's husband has just been transferred to India for a few years and Lynda and her daughter Sian are missing the family, especially as they were such a support when Lynda's husband went to Heaven suddenly last year in the middle of Lynda's chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

    1. Thanks Margaret for your thoughts. Hope your daughter is doing ok. Sounds like a rough time all round. Hugs xx